MBBS in China from India

Two major economies in the world, China and India share a very rich history and culture. The ties between China and India in the sphere of higher education, especially for studying medicine, have impacted the entire planet in a very positive manner. Today, China is a coveted destination for studying MBBS. Every day, the queue of international students, who include thousands of Indians, is lengthening. That’s because, China is now one of the top destinations for pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad. China’s world-class education system and state-of-the-art infrastructure are a combination that works wonders for MBBS students.

Indian students who wish to become doctors are always on the lookout for a competent foreign university from where they can shape their dreams. This is exactly where China steps in with its world-class medical colleges. The fees charged by China’s medical colleges are affordable – much lower that the fees asked for by their counterparts in India. Over the past two decades, China has opened its doors to foreign students. As a result, thousands of Indian students are staying in that country to pursue an MBBS degree. According to recent studies, the number of Indian students pursuing an MBBS degree from China is about 14,000. Incidentally, India ranked among the top 10 nations sending the highest number of students to Chinese MBBS varsities. In fact, China has now become the third-most favoured destination for doing MBBS after the US and the UK. Needless to say, it is as popular among Indian students as a destination for studying MBBS abroad. Once again, there are two simple reasons for this: one, the fees at the Chinese medical universities are low and Chinese MBBS degrees are universally accepted.

For Indian students who aspire to study MBBS in China can easily do so as the hardship they face back home for admission into a private medical college is absent in that country. The fees to be paid to a private medical college in India are exorbitant compared with what they have to spend on getting an MBBS degree from a Chinese medical university. Of course, there are many other destinations but what keeps ‘MBBS in China’ as a popular refrain among students is that country’s advanced infrastructure at medical colleges and experienced faculty. However, Indian students who complete their MBBS in China have to write the FMGE to become a doctor in India.

Why Choose MBBS in China?

  • Doing MBBS in China requires minimum marks for students to be eligible for the course thus making it very easy to qualify for the course.
  • There are no common entrance tests for students to determine eligibility.
  • TThe fees at colleges and universities for pursuing an MBBS course in China are relatively low and decidedly affordable. Compared with private medical colleges in India, the fees in China are a huge relief on the pocket.
  • There are plenty of top universities students can choose from to study MBBS in China.
  • Studying MBBS in China is very simple and systematic.
  • An MBBS degree from Chinese medical universities has acceptance all around the world
  • The medium of instruction for an MBBS course in China is English which makes it easier for students.
  • After completing MBBS in China, students can start practising in India after passing FMGE.
  • Spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, and resourceful libraries are available in the Chinese medical colleges and universities.
  • • Secure and safe hostel facilities are provided for students to ensure a comfortable stay.
  • Scholarships for MBBS students in China are completely governed by the Government of China and it is very easy for international students to apply for these.
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