Notice on the beginning of new semester- Jinan University

New semester will begin from 2nd March at Jinan University. However, the students are requested not to come back to university until further notice. All courses will be taught online and Jinan University will register for all students.

  1. From 24 February to 1 March, the students will be taught how to use online-study system
  2. From 2 to 28″ March the students will have their courses online. All Lab classes will be cancelled.
  3. From 29 March to 25 April teaching method to be confirmed. Teachers should prepare for the online teaching
  4. Deadline for applying re-sit exam is 4th March. The schedule for 1″ re-sit exam is to be Confirmed.
  5. Course selection will start from 18 to 25 February. Courses will be selected by Teaching Affairs Office.

Practice MCQ Test Notice

Saraswati Online.Com will be conducting MCQ Practice test in Dali University, Jinan University, Southern Medical University and Southwest Medical University from 21st March 2020. Three MCQ tests will be conducting on 21st March 2020, 11th April 2020 and 2nd May 2020 respectively. Read the full notice for further details.

Health Information Report Notice – Jinan university


Dear Students,
In order to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading and ensure the health and safety of every Jinan university member, the University requires every student to fill in the Health Information Report from 7th February. Each and every student must fill in the report before 10:00am (Beijing time) every day. Those who fail to fill in the report every day will not be allowed to return to campus when the returning day is announced. Students can log in the system either by scanning the QR code or go to

This message is very important. Please spread it to everyone and make sure that you fill in the report every day.

Jinan University Closed till 24th February 2020


Dear students,

In response to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Guangdong Province issued a Notice on Delaying the Resumption of Business Operations and the Opening of Schools on January 28, in which it requires that institutions of higher learning shall not start school before 24th February 2020. According to the Notice, Jinan University has decided to postpone the opening of the spring semester until further notice.

Students are NOT ALLOWED to return to University before 24th February 2020.

Our suggestion is to wait for some more days and then change the flight when we know the exact opening day.

Jinan Gala Dinner – Jinan University

The year 2019 is a very special year for the long relation of Jinan University and Saraswati The close friendship of Jinan University and Saraswati has reached a milestone of 15 years. To celebrate this milestone, Saraswati hosted a Gala dinner in the Chinese canteen of Jinan University on 28th November, 2019.

All the leaders of the University, the faculties and the MBBS students from all batches currently in China were invited to celebrate this auspicious event.

The specialty of the event was that Indian Delicacies were served along with Chinese food.

This event was attended by International School leaders including Professor Ethan Deng, the Party secretary and Vice dean, Professor Wu, the Executive Vice of International School, Ms Yu Pei, the Executive Vice Dean of International School, Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of Saraswati and all the students of MBBS.

2019 batch White Coat ceremony

The eve of 27th November, 2019 marked the beginning of a new era; a new life for the students of 2019 batch MBBS. It was the day they wore their dreams for the 1st time. It was their White coat ceremony.

Professor Ethan Deng, the Vice dean and Party Secretary was the Master of Ceremony for the Event.

The ceremony started with the Introduction Speech by Ms Yu Pei, the Executive vice-dean of International School, Jinan University followed by a speech from Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli, the chief mentor of Saraswati Dr Ganguli enlightened the students to work hard and utilize the opportunity they got to pursue their dreams of becoming a successful doctor. This was followed by an Informative speech by Dr Suvra Kusum Biswas, the Pathology Professor for MBBS. His speech included information about the White coat and its history. This was followed by a speech by Parth Singh, the student representative of 2019 batch. In his speech he urged his batchmates to work really hard for the coming 6 years of their Medical life as a student.

The next event was the Guests of honour and the leaders of the University from the University, helped the student Representatives of 2019 batch to put on their white coat and the other students from 2019 batch were also asked to put on their white coats thereafter.

The most important event of the ceremony was the oath taking ceremony where the students took oath to serve the society as a doctor.

And finally, a group photograph was taken with all the Leaders, guests and students.

Congratulating Isha N. Mirza, Jinan University

We heartily congratulate Isha N. Mirza, student of Jinan University, 2016 batch, who made it to the final of UNLEASH Innovation Lab. The UNLEASH Innovation Lab is a lab that is designed to bring together 1000 talents from all over the world to bring about solutions to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. She was selected among the final 1000 from 18000+ aspirants who applied. It was held in Shenzhen from 6th November to 13th November. She was a part of the SDG 3: Good Health and Well Being, and dealt with a problem, focussing on maternal mortality in underdeveloped countries. In her interview she said, “I am extremely grateful to Saraswati Online.Com and Jinan University for this wonderful opportunity to apply and be selected. I would also like to thank Dr. Pallavi Jayavanth for being my true guide throughout this incredible journey and sparing time to give me constructive feedback on my application and CV.” We wish her good luck in all her future endeavours.