Opening Ceremony for 2019 International Students

On 30th October 2019, the opening ceremony for 2019 International Students was held in Southern Medical University.

SaraswatiOnline.Com and Southern Medical University have been cooperating with each other in education for foreign students in China for 14 years. Both sides have reached good cooperation consensus in promoting the enrollment of foreign students in China and improving the quality of international medical personnel training and achieved certain results.

Host by Madam Chen Jun, Dean of School of International Education, Southern Medical University.

Present members : President Li Mengfeng, Vice President Wen Mingang, Teaching Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, International Affairs Office, The Graduate School, Leaders of School of International Education, Education and Teaching Committee for International Students in China, Foreign Teachers and Chinese Teachers.

President Li Mengfeng of Southern Medical University delivered a speech. He pointed out that in recent years, the university’s medical teaching and research work has shown great-leap-forward development. 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of School of International Education in Southern Medical university, President Li Mengfeng encourage students to cherish the opportunity, hard work, brave to dream, and message of all the students, new to self-discipline, integrity hard learning, good at communication, bear of cooperation, mutual benefit of human health, to try to build the community of human destiny.

Representative of teacher Prof. Zeng Qingchun from First Clinical Medical School delivered a speech.

As the front-line teacher, Prof. Zeng encourages the freshmen to face up to various obstacles and challenges in cross-cultural adaptation and get involved in the basic study as soon as possible. For graduate students, he suggested that based on learning to use scientific research methods and skills, they should continue to explore deeply and actively seek answers to questions.

Representative of Senior Student Sourav Pal (Indian nationality) delivered a speech. He shared the experiences and growth as he is part of the student union.

Representative of freshmen from Postgraduate School Mohyeddin W. R. Ali (Palestinian nationality) delivered a speech. He expressed his sincere feelings towards China in fluent Chinese.

Representative of freshmen from MBBS program Camila Briceno (Colombian nationality) delivered a speech. She expressed her gratitude to the university and love for the medical profession in her speech.

At the meeting, Vice President Wen Mingang, Prof. Huang from Education and Teaching Committee for International Students in China, Prof. Jin, leader of the supervision group, presented certificates to the scholarship winners respectively.

President Li Mengfeng conferred the school badge for the freshmen, and all the freshmen, under the leadership of old students, solemnly swore that they would try their best to practice the school motto, become a qualified professional talent and become a well-known international student.

Finally, the opening ceremony of the class of 2019 ended with the freshmen singing “Love in the south” in chorus, and all the teachers and students took a group photo in front of the library.

Notice for Southern Medical University

Southern Medical University has released a notice regarding Summer vacation starting date, college reopening date, registration date details of the University. Read the full notice for further details.

Vacation Starting Date College Re-opening Date Last Date for Reporting Registration Date First Day for Class
11th January 2020 15th  February 2020 On or before 16th  February 2020 15th & 16th  February 2020 17th February 2020

4th International conference on Evolving Trends in Medical Education 2019


The Evolving Trends in Medical Education (ETME)-2019, the 4th International conference, held in LuZhou, co-hosted by Southwest Medical Univeristy, has been a successful in not just understanding but also implementing those discussed in ETME-2016, for medical education, International MBBS Program in China. The conference was attended by various Medical Universities in South Asia. The guest of honour was Ms. Ma Zhonghui, the Deputy Mayor of Luzhou city.


ETME-2019, like it’s predecessor emphasised on bridging the gap between International MBBS program and standard undergraduate medical program. As more and more foreign students are being enrolled for International MBBS program, the need for standardisation of curriculum has always been the main agenda of ETME. It’s has been an uphill task to meet the challenges faced and various issues related to standardisation, including managing students of different countries, were discussed in this edition of ETME.


The distinguished guest speakers from India & Nepal gave insight on Medical Education & Medical Licensing exams in their respective countries, thereby comparing with international MBBS program and identifying the areas that needs a significant attention in International MBBS program.


ETME – 2019 had many original articles presented in technical sessions and deservingly, a paper from each session was awarded with Best Paper award.  The technical sessions included papers on Pedagogy; Content & Syllabus; Innovations in teaching & use of technology; Licensing examination: Teaching, Learning approaches & differences and Student Management. The paper presentations and discussions were overwhelming and the newer methods discussed can be put into practice.


The panel discussion on campus discipline and academic discipline was attended by Directors, Deans, Academicians & personnel from administration addressed some common issues faced by every university. It was intriguing and informative.


This edition of ETME, for the first time, had participation and paper presentation by alumni of Southwest Medical University, LuZhou; Dali Univeristy, Dali; Jinan University, Guangzhou & Southern Medical University, Guangzhou.


For guiding the foreign students from India & Nepal about the licensing exams in their respective countries, A Handbook on Indian Medical Licensing Examination – FMGE was released & the same was shared with all the universities participating in ETME-2019; and Dr. Ankur Shah, Executive Member of Nepal Medical Council addressed about Nepal Licensing Examination to all the universities participated in ETME-2019.

Sino-Indian Friendship Meet 2017


A high level delegation from Southern Medical University, Guangdong province, PR China visited India during 12th to 17th November, 2017. The delegates are Prof. Minsheng Chen, Chairman University Council; Prof. Zhirong Zeng, Director of President Office; Ms. Ning Zhang, Director of International Affairs Office; Prof. Jun Chen, Dean of School of International Education; Prof. Dong Wang, Dean of School of Health Services Management; Ms. Peixian Wu, Section Chief of School of International Education.

The delegation visited Kolkata on 12th & 13th November, 2017. SaraswatiOnline.Com hosted the six guests at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata as a part of the Sino-Indian Friendship Meet on 12th November, 2017. The meet was meant to strengthen the ties between both the organizations and establish a valuable cooperation in the days to come.

To begin the programme, Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguli, Chief Mentor of SaraswatiOnline.Com delivered a welcome address, which was followed by a presentation which showed the journey of Saraswati Online.Com through the years from its very inception. The Chief mentor then talked about the association of Saraswati with Southern Medical University through the years.

It was followed by a speech from the Chairman of SMU, Prof. Min Sheng Chen who highlighted the journey of SMU as a premier institution in Medical Education. He also talked about the ties between both the organizations and that he hoped for more fruitful associations in the days to come.

Mr. Ma Zhanwu, The Consulate General from PR China followed and talked about how India and China can shake hands and lead the two countries in the path of development as the prospect of the countries together can be very useful. He also proposed for a reunion of the alumni students, for them to revisit China and relive their old days once again. The proposal of the reunion was largely appreciated and taken into consideration by the Chairman of SMU.

Dr. Aditi Kishore Sarkar, Additional DHS, talked about the health education and health scenarios of West Bengal. He put forward some important statistics to justify the points he put forward.

Mr. Chandan Roychowdhury, Secretary of the Calcutta Rowing Club, talked briefly about the importance of physical fitness and well-being. He shed some light on the difference between Sports medicine and general Medical practice and talked about the necessity to consider the importance of Sports Medicine practitioners in India.

Prof. Dr. Mita Banerjee, Vice Chancellor of WBUTEPA proposed for a student exchange programme with SMU and showed her interest towards the same through her speech.

She was followed by Dr. Simantini Ghosh, former student of SMU sent by SaraswatiOnline.Com, 2011 batch talked about how the days she spent in China were the best days in her life and what she has learnt in SMU has helped her manifolds in her career and life. She showed interest and excitement towards the reunion programme and said that she wanted to revisit her memories there.

Dr. Arup Kumar Chakraborty ended with a Vote of Thanks.

The programme was followed by exchange of gifts, group photo session and a sumptuous dinner.



Field Trip for 2012 Batch- Southern Medical University


On 6th May, 2017, The Southern Medical University arranged for a One Day Village Tour to White water Village in City of Guangzhou and Buddha Temple for the 2012 MBBS Batch Students – the graduating students to celebrate and commemorate their last month in the university. The students were ably accompanied by teachers from Students Affairs Department, of ISD and coordinator from SOLC.

This man-made waterfall, located near Guangzhou, China, is the tallest waterfall in all of Mainland China. At 428.5 meters, it is taller than the Empire State Building. 3,400 tons of water pour through this waterfall every day. The path to reach the top is 6.6 kilometres and contains 9,999 stairs. The waterfall also lies on the Tropic of Cancer. It looks green as there are many green trees in these village.

The temple of Lord Buddha is situated in the middle of the village. There is also a big pond near the temple. There are many bamboo tree, flower plants and herbs around the pond. This part of village presents a beautiful: it. The smell of flowers and fruits combined with how attractive colour arrests everybody’s attention. It was a road trip by Bus, accompanied by the travel guide.

The students came across various facts about the Chinese dynasties, legendary places, Chinese Tradition, religion and Chinese Cuisine. All in all, it was a wonderful day out with a proper blend of both educational learning as well as fun.

Guangdong Outstanding International Scholarship 2016

MBBS students from Jinan University have received “Guangdong Outstanding International Scholarship” for their Outstanding Academics as well as Co-curricular participation. They will be receiving the amount of 10,000 RMB as an award from the Guangdong Government. below the list of the students from all the batches.

1 2013059463 2013 Premkumar Vadivelu
2 2013059419 2013 Tamilarasan Abinaya
3 2013059447 2013 Shimlang Shylla
4 2013059410 2013 Najmah Nazar
5 2013059405 2013 Andrew Marcus Ebinesan
6 2013059425 2013 Aashik Ken Ray
7 2013059423 2013 Randhir Singh
8 2013059420 2013 Pichaimuthu Karthika
9 2013059478 2013 Mondal Soyeb
10 2013059426 2013 Tapapriya Moitra
11 2013059469 2013 Yalal Asha Kumari
12 2013059451 2013 Mehedi Hasan
13 2013059411 2013 Swati Dubey
14 2013059427 2013 Vatsal Vipul Shah
15 2013059494 2013 Saha Arindam
16 2013059434 2013 Riswana Shahul
17 2011058360 2011 Singh Sathya Prakash
18 2013059432 2013 Nikhil Kumar Singh
19 2013059448 2013 K Sree Sneha Vaishnavi Raju
20 2014059207 2014 Sira Traore
21 2014059411 2014 Atchaya Sivanandam
22 2014059206 2014 Nigar Salahova
23 2014059236 2014 Preety Babychen Mattamel
24 2014059425 2014 Kankanika Podder
25 2014059239 2014 Richa Patial
26 2015059407 2015 M.Umadevi Murugaiah
27 2015059384 2015 Supriya Singh
28 2015059346 2015 Yashika Sharma
29 2015059359 2015 Partha Sarathi Sugumar
30 2015059392 2015 Gopika Jayaprasad
31 20150659378 2015 Harshini Viswanathan Murali kanthan
32 2015059586 2015 Gayatri Paul
33 2015059372 2015 Aisha Robayda
34 2011058383 2011 Rethnabharathi Meenakshisundaram
35 2011058348 2011 Ebinesan Maria Evangeline
36 2011058355 2011 Muthusamy Mownish
37 2011058345 2011 Chauhan Ishit
38 2011058342 2011 Ahmed Eliza
39 2011058386 2011 Fahim Khan
40 2011058358 2011 Sen Annesha
41 2014059201 2014 Priyanka Thiagarajan
42 2013059414 2013 Paushali Nag
43 2015059371 2015 Israt Bari Trina
44 2013059424 2013 Vidushi Chopra
45 2015059350 2015 Athena Sarah Koshy
46 2013059479 2013 Kakumani Srihitha
47 2015059399 2015 Meha Prethi Karumamoorthy
48 2015059374 2015 Bibi Erum
49 2014059400 2014 Pankti Vora
50 2014059428 2014 Ayush Singh
51 2013059452 2013 Priyanku Saikia
52 2013059470 2013 Sweta Sarkar
53 2015059367 2015 Simran Madan
54 2015059373 2015 Sumaiya Fatema
55 2015059594 2015 Arpita Dandapat
56 2015059411 2015 Achalaben Patel
57 2013059459 2013 Viswanathan Thararani Balan
58 2013059409 2013 Justin Kadamala Samuel
59 2014059403 2014 Paneer Selvam Soundarya


Quiz Competition 2016

As a part of the on-going 1st Southern  Medical University International Culture Festival, quiz competition was successfully held on November 18, 2016 in the  Qiushui tang building.

quiz_competition_003With the tag line knowledge, team spirit and mind sport, School of International Education strives to bring an environment of knowledge and fun with medicine for all students. And the quiz competition provided students an incredible opportunity and platform to show themselves

Teams were selected from preliminary round conducted on November 15. In the Final Competition, there were totally 4 rounds with each round testing different kinds of skills and knowledge. All the questions were from the subjects including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and cell biology, which required the participants have an in-depth understanding about what they had learned.

In the four rounds of this competition,  each team needed to press the buzzer quickly if they knew the answer. In this case, a quiz_competition_002quick thinking and response were necessary for every team member. As what Pasha have told us when he was preparing for the competition, through this kind of academic activity, students can consciously train themselves and improve their  disciplinary knowledge in daily studying life.

quiz_competition_004The quiz competition saw brilliant students trying to make full use of what they knew.  After 4 rounds fierce battle,  team 2 representing 2014 Batch won with 160 points and team 4 from 2012 batch came 2nd scored 150 points.

Freshmen Scholarship for SMU 2016 batch students

Congratulation to following students from India who have been offered Freshmen Scholarship for an amount of RMB 10,000 (one time only) based on their High school marks performance in the scholarship exam held at Southern Medical University.


Abhijeet Dixit 2016 Batch, Southern Medical University,


Ahmed Waseem Bin Salam SMU 2016 Batch


Ashutosh Singh SMU 2016 batch











Bruz Daniel SMU 2016 batch


Harikrishnan Pathickal SMU 2016


Sugandha Prakash SMU 2016 Batch

The 1st International Culture Festival – 2016


International Culture & Art Festival_2016_39

The 4th SMU Science, Cultural and Art Festival was held on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Southern Medical University on 24th November, 2016. The School of International Education also celebrated its 1st International Cultural Festival on the same day.

The guests included Vice Party Secretary Chang Jiajie, Vice President Wen Mingang, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and Li Jinjun from the Department of Education of Guangdong Province.


South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen University and Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Mr. Sanjeev – Consul General of India, Guangzhou and leaders from other departments and schools of Southern Medical University also participated in this remarkable event.

International Culture & Art Festival_2016_44

The spectacular performances attracted the attention of all the audience and the venue was filled with exciting cheers. International Students, along with Chinese students and Teaching faculty exhibited their talents on the stage.

The dance steps of Palestinian Dabke, colourful costumes in Indian Fusion and graceful moves in Thai dance will always remain fresh in everyone’s memory. The Latino dance and African dance was also a visual treat to all the spectators.

China is a country with more than 5000 years of profound and glorious history. Students from School of Traditional Chinese Medicine impressed the audience with a Tai Chi Chuan performance and the Drunken Beauty of Peking Opera.

Teaching staff in SMU is not only knowledgeable to impart what they have learnt in their respective disciplines, but also versatile to sing and dance.

International Culture & Art Festival_2016_32Apart from the feast for the eyes, the booths of different countries were also the highlights of this Festival. By wearing their national costumes and waving the flags of their countries, the International Food Fiesta and Culture Exhibition was pulled away its veil. The distinctive clothing, food, music and photos caught visitors’ eyes tightly. They were beaming with smiles on their faces going around varied booths even though it was cold and windy.

Foreigner countries’ exotic culture and Chinese artistic culture were exhibited at the unique platform. All students said that they are looking forward to next year’s cultural festival.

These activities showcased different views and attitude of students towards their life and study. In future, the School of International Education will take more efforts to make the international students feel at home and try to establish a better platform for International students and for Chinese students to exchange their ideas and enhance their creativity, thus building a campus with various cultures.


Opening Ceremony for 2016 International Students


The Opening Ceremony for 2016 International students was successfully held at Southern Medical University, on November 16th, 2016.

Southern Medical University Opening Ceremony for 2016 International Students_10At the beginning of the Opening Ceremony, the vice president Wen Mingang bid a cordial welcome to all the students coming from afar to study here. And he also expressed his sincere wishes to the students  and hoped they had a healthy, happy, safe and successful abroad study in SMU. He motivated students to study hard, keep fit and make progress every day.

Awasthi Prashant,(2013 batch ) as the representative of senior batch, expressed his love and gratitude to this university in his speech.

Southern Medical University Opening Ceremony for 2016 International Students_09


And two freshmen from postgraduate and MBBS( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) respectively conveyed their
luck and honor to be admitted to study at SMU.

On the Opening Ceremony, the prize winners of Guangdong Government Scholarship and Southern Medical University Scholarship for freshmen were also awarded certificates for below mentioned 6 Indian students

Southern Medical University Opening Ceremony for 2016 International Students_04

Ahmed Waseem Bin Salam, Harikrishnan Pathickal, Bruz Daniel, Sugandha Prakash, Ashutosh Singh, Abhjeet Dixit

The vice president conferred the white coat to the freshmen representative. With the coat students took their oath, indicating their determination of volunteering themselves to medicine.

The ceremony was concluded with a group photo

Southern Medical University Opening Ceremony for 2016 International Students_12