Inauguration of Orientation Program, 2024

Every year Saraswati Online.Com conducts orientation program of incoming students to ensure their smooth intake. The program familiarizes them with the different foreign universities, and the norms and cultures they would come across abroad. For example, if they have chosen medical universities in China, they would be introduced to the basic knowledge of Chinese language or the language largely spoken in their chosen destination country. Also, their written and spoken communication in English language is enhanced in this orientation program. Basic Science classes for anatomy, physiology are also introduced to the MBBS aspirants in this one month program.

However, due to Covid pandemic, the orientation programme has now gone online scheduled classes at regular intervals are organized for students. The Medical Education Department of SaraswatiOnline.Com takes special care while preparing the schedule to help students attending the classes benefit from the programme. SaraswatiOnline.Com is constantly in touch with the students to understand their concerns and points of view. This is aimed at coordinating with the experienced medical-domain teachers who conduct the classes to ensure proper communication and effective learning.