Who We Are


Founded in 2000, Saraswati Online.Com reaches cutting-edge educational resources to students in an easy and swift manner, primarily in the domain of medicine.

Headed by Dr. P.S. Ganguli, the organization has been shaping rewarding careers for twenty years across the world. Its dedicated team of experts located in both India and abroad are working round-the-clock to connect the great sweep of the global students’ community with their academic and career goals, both in India and abroad.

With healthcare challenges becoming increasingly complex, Saraswati Online.Com has sensitized itself to the crying need for having more doctors in social systems, which has become the organization’s calling.

In step with these objectives, the organization has already created more than 2500 doctors after providing career aspirants from 26-plus critical access to world-class foreign colleges of medicine in China, Ukraine, The Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and African nations. And the number is rising by the day.


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What We Do


Saraswati Online.Com has advanced facilities in Kolkata, Bangalore, Shillong, Delhi, Guangzhou Province in China and in several other countries. It has established a strong and credible global footprint through its overseas network partners and associates.

Apart from directly interfacing with students and foreign universities, it offers personalized advice through in-house counsellors and facilitates regular interaction with leading educationists, psychologists, academicians and social scientists as well.

Today, more than 6,000 medical students are benefiting from Saraswati Online.Com’s resources. This reflects the wide acceptance of Saraswati Online.Com among the international as their best choice for building a successful career in diverse domains of medicine.

  • Students’ profile evaluation by experienced in-house counsellors and associates.
  • We help the students choose the foreign medical university of their choice based on their eligibility.
  • We conduct mock interviews for the students to help them crack university admission and the Visa process.
  • We have tie-ups with many national and international banks to help students avail of education loans.
  • We also dispense information regularly through our social media platforms.