Alumni Speaks

Dr. Shimanthini Ghosh

"My best period of life so far was spent at the Southern Medical University in China, in the winter of 2011. From then, until the summer of 2016, I was going through a very enriching learning curve like never before.. I have learnt from the most talented professors, researchers and also from the country and it's people. China has been a life-changing decision for me and SOLC was a big help in that decision. SMU had a world class hospital and a wonderful campus,filled with memories in every corner of it. I have gained the confidence of managing a household alone to managing an entire emergency department alone,after staying in China for 5 years. Now when I am applying to Other in different parts of the world, I realized what a big help SOLC was in getting admission in China. Thanks a lot, SOLC and SMU!

I am working as a JR in the department of emergency medicine in ESIC medical college and hospital,Joka, kolkata."

Alumni of SMU University, 2011 Batch
Dr. Sabiha Sadique

"I have completed my MBBS study from DALI UNIVERSITY, China, in June 2018. I have passed FMGE screening exam on December 2018.I am really grateful to Saraswati Online.Com for their help .They always stood by my side whenever I faced any difficulty there. I am thankful to the wonderful coordinators of SOLC. They were like guardians to me on foreign soil. I offer very special thanks to Dr Partha Sarathi Ganguli for the way he motivated and inspired me. Dr. Ganguli made me believe that I can achieve my dream and showed me the way. l am really grateful to the whole SOLC family for helping me and my family to achieve our dreams."

Dr. Padmanavo Biswas

"I am glad to get introduced to, they made my dream to become a doctor come true. I came to know about when I was in class 10 and giving my ICSE exams, one of my classmates’ elder brother was admitted to Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, Guangdong. My classmate’s mother introduced a brochure to my mother, and since that day, we were able to get a way out to become a doctor. Saraswationline have a well coordinated system between the parents in India and the students studying in China. They convey the messages from the University to the parents as well, including all the marksheets and other useful documents. My overall experience with is great! They did a marvellous job, though mostly business oriented, yet they take care of the students well. If I get to rank out 5 I would give them a highest of 4. There are a few points I would like to suggest to the officials of, we demanded Indian teachers for extra classes, but all they sent was non-clinical teachers with zero experience of teaching medical students, would request to provide us with a north Indian coordinator if possible, because we have dealt with Mr. Arijit, who was co ordinator in the beginning, he was unbiased, but the coordinator we have now, is very much biased about the student from his hometown/province. Otherwise they are doing a great job, Even I am planning to send all my cousins striving to get a medical seat in India, to get to soon! All the best to all the people working for our betterment, hope to see you all fit and a great salute to Dr. Partha Sarathi Ganguly, chairman of sir, for being there beside us always."

Dr. Mayank Singh

"When I was searching for colleges outside India to continue my studies and a step towards my passion Medicine, I came to know about, people who helped me to achieve this dream. I've completed my 3 year now and I am satisfied with the university. have attended to my queries and have helped me alot."

Alumni Of Dali University, 2015 batch
Dr. Prabrisha Banerjee

"I whole heartedly wanted to become a doctor, hence the Almighty sent SOLC as the guiding angel. Directed by Dr. P.S.Ganguly, the man with a vision and innovative thinking, SOLC had played an instrumental role in guiding us throughout the M.B.B.S course in a foreign country. Team SOLC had extended support in every aspect of pursuing M.B.B.S in China, beginning from acquiring NMC eligibility certificate till obtaining attested M.B.B.S degree certificate. They had paid attention to our individual needs through Indian coordinators deputed in different colleges across China. From time to time SOLC had communicated with our parents about our progress, they had arranged for clinical training in major Indian cities during the semester breaks and had set up special coaching classes for NMC screening test.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. P.S Ganguly Sir, Late Dr. Amit Bose and the entire SOLC team for making my dream come true. My best wishes to team SOLC to keep up the noble work of producing successful foreign medical graduates for serving the mankind."

Alumni of SWMU University, 2006 batch
Dr. Shriya Ambhaikar

"I am Shriya Ambhaikar, fromRaipur (C.G), India. I am in the fourth year of MBBS, studying in Dali University. I really thank Saraswati Online for giving me such a great chance to make me and my parents’ dream come true. I am so happy to be a student of Dali University because of its quality education. The environment here is very homely and everyone is so helpful. We are also provided with a coordinator (Mr. Maxson) who takes care of each and every student as a guardian and looks after all the official matters so that we won't get disturbed from our studies. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and friendly. I am very proud to be a student of Dali University and I thank SaraswatiOnline for providing such an opportunity to prove my abilities. I feel happy to see myself growing academically and socially."

Alumni of Dali University, 2014 Batch
Dr. Shayan Sinha Mahapatra
MBBS ,M.D, ECFMG certified
Research scholar – endocrinology and metabolism, Academic mentor for USMLE guidance

"My five-and-half years in the Medical College Of Nanchang Universityat China were among the best years of my life. My college has been instrumental in nurturing me through the rigorous course of medicine which not only made me successful professionally but also making me a good human being. It was not until I met saraswati that I began the journey towards understanding how my dream of becoming a doctor can be converted to reality. I am thankful each member who have been part of this journey, without your constant support it would not have been possible for today where I am. "

Medical College of Nanchang University, 2006 batch
Dr. Jayakrishnan S
Internship in “Dali bai autonomous prefecture people's hospital”.

"Dali medical university has provided an extremely supportive environment for me during the years of my medical education. I believe their support and commitment to high quality medical education has played an integral role in my development and progress as a doctor. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to study in Dali medical university. I am deeply thankful to for making it possible for me. I was a part of 2011 medical batch. Although going to China seemed a little frightening initially, it was a conscious and a calculated decision for me. Whatever doubts i had were squashed soon after getting to Dali University, helped by the carefree, inviting and fun loving attitude of Chinese along with the assurance from Living in Dali was an amazing experience, with its natural beauty, environment and Chinese foods. The basic science curriculum is designed for students to ace their respective country's medical licensing examination. For me the syllabus design was very helpful that I cracked FMGE / NMC screening test soon after my final year. All the professors are very enthusiastic about their field and are willing to help the students at all times. Dali university has also provided some of the best indian faculties to teach various medical subjects and they were all my personal mentors too. They have motivated and inspired me to strive for my passion and future. I am enjoying my time at Dali university and already I owe a great debt to this college that made this opportunity possible for me. I would strongly encourage students to consider dali university to pursue your carrier in medicine."

Alumni of Dali University, Yunnan, China, Batch 2011
Dr. Manoj Kumar Vashisth

"I never realized that I have completed 4 years in DALI UNIVERSITY, I never was aware that the journey of becoming a medical doctor from a physiotherapist could be this interesting. When I approached SOLC this journey started and I am thankful and pay my sincere thanks to the entire team of SOLC for everything, particularly I would like to mention some names Mrs. PriyaGanguly ma’am, Mr. Puneeth Rao sir, Mr. Maxson D’penha sir and Mr. Himanshu Singh sir for their constant help and guidance DALI UNIVERSITY is among one of the best university for medical education, the teaching faculty and environment is just awesome. Since I joined this university in 2014 I have found every platform for a personnel and professional growth. I have no enough words to express my sincere thanks and respect to DALI UNIVERSITY and SOLC. Thank you so much to the entire team of SOLC for providing me this opportunity to pursue my medical education at DALI UNIVERSITY."

Alumni Of Dali University, 2014 batch 4th year student
Dr.Tamaghna Bhattacharya

"Life has been kind to me in terms of having the best parents, great education and an exciting job. Going to another country to study medicine was a difficult choice but it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Saraswati Online was a huge influencer in this decision. My friend's sister had already availed their services one year before i did and it was her positive and encouraging feedback that took me to SOL's doorsteps. With their able guidance ididnt take long to decide that i wanted to take the leap. Medical education in China is world class with amazing facilities and teaching staff. It is because of the world class education that i received there along with special NMC focused mock tests and discussions conducted by Saraswati online that i was able to clear myNational Medical Commission registration on my first attempt itself. The best part of SOL is that they do not leave your hand till you get your registration certificate in India. They are there 24*7 for you, helping you in every possible way and making sure that you do not get deviated from your path. Following my registration as a medical practitioner in India, i worked as a resident in the department of general surgery at a government hospital in New Delhi for one year. The world of medicine is exciting and is widespread. For the past four years i have been working in the life sciences division of Tata Consultancy Services as a pharmacovigilance physician, contracted to work for a German Pharma giant. Being a doctor opened up several doors for me including medical research and drug safety and also gave me the chance to get trained in Germany. "

Medical College of Nanchang University, 2006 batch
Dr. Aakash T. Ajith

""Back in 2012 while I was looking for Medical colleges, I came across saraswationline. They provided me an opportunity to study MBBS abroad. Amongthe various medical colleges they provided, I chose to study at Dali University (China).The university has excellent infrastructures and very good teaching faculty. They have a well developed multi-specialty hospital for the students to Practice. The hospital is way more advanced than those in my native place. Dali is a beautiful place with very good climate and scenic beauty. Dali university provides an ambient environment for the students to learn. Saraswationline also provided special classes to crack Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE).They provided classes by the best doctors across India.I was able to crackFMGEat the first attempt itself. Now I am doing internship at Government Hospital in India. Studying MBBS in china was the Best decision that I made and I thank saraswationline for making this possible. I am grateful to all my teachers and professors for all their effort. Good lectures along with a lot of late nights at the Library and group discussions really paid off at the end.

Other than educationI was able to experience Chinese way of living, their culture, different but delicious foods which I still miss a lot, a cool new language which is difficult at first but gets easy with practice. We also had all kind of activities that any other colleges in India would have. We were able to celebrate all the major festivals like Holi, Diwali, Onam, Christmas, New year parties etc., so we never felt like we missed any of the experiences of hostel life, in fact hostel life was the best of all. After 5 years in a different country you become more reformed, experienced and responsible. I am glad that I applied for Dali university, finally I fulfilled my dream of becoming a doctor."

Alumni of Dali University, Yunnan, China,2012
Dr. Mayank Singh
MBBS Medical Officer, Deben MahatoSadar Hospital, Purulia

"After my schooling it was not clear to me that should Ichoose foreign medical college or not. Eventually I approached to and they make it clear to me by their valuable advice. They also provided and enlighten the ultimate road of my dream to be a doctor, for this I will be thankful to SOLC.

By holding SOLS’s finger I went to SMU and believe me it was a great journey. The duration of my staying I SMU is not less than magical. I met with wonderful friends, teachers and many more. By the time SMU became my second home and unforgettable part of my life. Simply SMU is one of the best medical college for medical study. I am grateful to be a part of it. I would like to thanks administration of SMU, all of my faculty and SOLC team.

After passing NMC and doing internship from ESIC Hospital, Delhi. Now I am posted in Deben Mahato (sadar)Hospital as a Medical Officer. I believe today what I am, is only because of the grace of god , SMU, and SOlC. Whatever I learnt from SMU helping me each and every step of my life."

Alumni of Southern Medical University, 2009 Batch
Dr. Mritunjai Pathak

"When I approached to SOLC, I was unaware that journey of medicine could be that much of amazing. I am thankful to entire team of SOLC for everything.

SMU is one of the best university for medical studies .The teaching faculty , environment are awesome. I am really thankful to SMU for this gratitude. I am from 2009 batch and experience wonderful experience with SMU. There is a big contribute of SMU behind my success in very first attempt of NMC. And the clinical things that we learn at the time of teaching session of medicine was very helpful during my internship in very reputed VMMC and Safderjung hospital and junior resident ship in PanditMadan Mohan hospital. I appreciate if I get a chance share my experience with my friends in SMU.

No word is enough to express my gratitude, respect and thanks to SMU and SOLC . I believe that today what I am is just because of SMU. Thank u entire team of SOLC for providing the miraculous way of my medical study in SMU."

Alumni of SMU University,2017
Dr. Shivani Agarwal

"I am truly amazed at your professionalism and kind heartedness. I have no words to express my gratitude to the entire team of Saraswati Online.Com, for everything you all have done, right from the time we approached you back in 2005, as innocent and vulnerable children. We put our trust in your hands and you have led us to where we are today. This confirms my belief that our association with Saraswati Online.Com was never just temporary, but one to last a lifetime."

MD, P G Resident atSeth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai
Dr. Sunil Kumar Valsareddy

"When I approached Saraswati Online.Com for the first time in 2006 they gave me the confidence and then rest happened automatically with the strong support of my parents in each and every step of my life. It gives me immense pleasure to thank Saraswati Online.Comfor their impeccable work to fulfilling my dream as what I'm today thanking you from bottom of my heart."

Dr. Aftabuddin Ahmed
MMBBS- Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, P.R.China.Batch [ 2005 - 2011]
DNB Rural Surgery - St Stephens Hospital, Delhi , India.Batch [ 2014 - 2017]

"I have come a long way. From the moments of insecurity of an Indian teenager in a foreign land,till my 1st individual surgery as a surgeon.The world has changed in a hurry.It's been 12 years .But seems just yesterday.The moments we shared together as a family in a Mandarin speaking neighborhood, the fears of the unknown, the doubts over NMC screening exam, the equivalence & the acceptance of our degree back home.Yes we had sleepless nights too.But here I am today, writing a testimonial.All I can say, is life is full of surprises & one can never assume or predict the future exactly.But one needs to take that leap of faith with a believe that all will be well eventually. Dr P S Ganguly ,through SOL gave that platform and I took that jump. And by the grace of Allah, things have worked out pretty well as of now. Hope they keep helping students and maintain the level of quality, accountability & honesty that they have shown so far. I wish all the best to all the future doctors and the SOL team. Keep up the good work."

Presently working as Senior Resident, Dept of Surgery, St Stephens Hospital, Delhi.
Dr. Anusha Bharadwaj

"Saraswati Online .Com made my dream come true. They have shown us a new life. They have not only taken care of our academics they solved each and every personal problem too. Though we are the first batch to china they never made us feel uncomfortable in any aspect. Just because of u both Vanita Ganguli mam and Dr. PSG sir I became a proud doctor serving poor n needy."

Medical Officer,District Police Hospital, Nalgonda
Dr. Debayan Mallik
Worked at Dr.B.C.Roy Institute of Pediatric Sciences, Beleghata, Kolkata and Charnock Hospital, Kolkata.

"I went to Dali University (China) in 2006 with the help of Saraswati Online. They monitored us throughout our MBBS programme. Dr. P.S. Ganguly and Late Dr.Amit Bose sir were always there when ever we faced any problem. They never left our side during the course and not even today. Often, I get call from them asking about how I am doing, which no other Consultancy does. Thank you Puneet sir for all your help that you rendered us. Sarawati Online treats the students as a member of their own family. After passing my FMGE exam, I had worked in Dr.B.C.Roy Institute of Pediatric Sciences, Beleghata, Kolkata and now I have successfully completed my MD in Community Medicine. Thank you Saraswati Online for being there beside me when I lost all hope."

Alumni of Dali University,2006 batch
Presently working in Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kanpur.
Dr. Aishwarya Sangeria

"Well we all know how expensive education can get in India. Not having that kind of money or grades for that matter but one non negotiable dream, I was struggling quite a lot. In 2014, I came across this excellent education service provider, Saraswati Online. Com. They are very well organised, counsellors guide you all the way to make your enrolling process smooth. They’re very professional yet supportive and humble group. Saraswati Online provided me with this opportunity to achieve my beautiful dream of becoming a doctor. And that’s just not it, they provided me with a coordinator who helped me throughout my medical journey. Maxson sir, a coordinator in Dali University is like a guardian to all the students of our University. Saraswati Online changed my Can’ts into Cans and my dreams into plans!"

Alumni of Southwest Medical University, P.R. China, Class of 2011
Dr. Dipan Samanta
MBBS,Pursuing MD in Obstetrics &Gynaecology at Dali University

"I got my MBBS degree in 2018 and passed FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) in June 2018. Now I am a Registered Physician of West Bengal Medical Council and I believe my dream of becoming a doctor could never have happened without SaraswatiOnline.Com and Dali University.

During my MBBS days, Saraswati Online.Com was like a guardian in China. The organization had helped me from the time of my admission up to the time I got MBBS degree in hand. In every day to day life, the entire team of Saraswati Online.Com had played a pivotal role.

Currently I'm pursuing PG program in OB & G in Dali University from 2018 November. Dali University and Saraswati Online.Com have made my parents’ and my dreams come true. "

Alumni of Dali University, P.R. China, Class of 2018
Dr. E. Sri Harsh
M.D (Emergency Medicine) Intensivist, Sunrise Hospital, Vijaywada

"Just wanted to share a short unfeigned note that Saraswati Online.Com led by Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli & the team has had a pivotal role in effectuating a foreign medical undergraduate pathway, which is undeniably essential to serve the large citizenry of India by helping the young citizens who have a hankering to become a medical practitioner, by putting them into global competition. In fact, this unlocks more opportunities to amplify professional choices rather confining, if the resources are used in a regular and acceptable way by the student".

Alumni of Southwest Medical University, Class of 2012
Dr. Masud Hyder
MBBS, Dy S.P., C.R.P.F Ministry of Home Affairs of the Govt. of India

"I have completed my MBBS in the year 2011 from Luzhou Medical College, China. I have completed my junior residency from Hindu Rao hospital, Delhi in orthopaedics department after passing out FMGE in 2010.I had been appointed as medical officer in the department of pediatric surgery at Apollo hospital Delhi, after that I have been selected as medical officer in the rank of assistant Commandant/ Deputy superintendent of police ,in C.R.P.F /central reserve police force for last 4 yrs.

My prime duty is to give medical aids to jawans and their families in peace locations or static location and also I have to provide medical aid during insurgency, Naxalites operations, election duties as well as terrorist encounters.I feel very proud to wear the uniform and to serve my country by serving those who are actively fighting for the nation. I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every member of Saraswati Online.Com without whose support achieving all this would not have been possible. Nothing can replace the guidance and support I received from them during my MBBS years. My aim is to complete my post graduation from army medical colleges after completion of 5 yrs of service through NEET exam. Jai hind."

Alumni of Southwest Medical University, P.R. China, Class of 2011
Dr. Nagaraju Venishetty
M.Ch (Neuro Surgery), Neurosurgeon,Guntur Medical College, Guntur

"Saraswati Online.Com had been a pillar of strength during my MBBS days. They were like my family away from home. The way they stand by the students, I believe no other organization does the same. They paved a way for me to reach greater heights I aspired for. I am very lucky to have enrolled through them. They made the 5 years duration of my MBBS course unforgettable."

Alumni of Southwest Medical University, P.R. China, Class of 2011
Dr. Ravi Teja Rudraraju
M.S (Orthopaedics), adult Reconstruction fellow at Geisinger Medical Center,Danville, USA

"I have done my advanced training as a fellow in hip and knee arthroplasty surgery at Hallym University, Seoul, South Korea. Later I attended Cleveland Clinic, FL, USA as a visiting fellow in sports medicine and shoulder and elbow surgery. I got the opportunity to work under world-renowned Surgeons, where learned advanced techniques and do cutting edge research. My International fellow training in Arthroplasy under Dr J D Chang, South Korea and 3 years of experience working in the field of Traumatology, Arthroplasty and arthroscopy prepared me to be a competent surgeon.

I had the great opportunity to lecture on Management of Periprosthetic fractures following Hip Arthroplasty as International Symposium speaker in 61st KOA annual Congress.

I presented in prestigious conferences around the world like ISTA, AAOS, MAOA, Orthosummit. I was blessed to get 3 best paper awards in reputed (IAACON 2016, TOSACON2017 and OASIS 2017) conferences and was awarded International fellowship for my research work. I developed a protocol for patients undergoing simultaneous bilateral TKR which showed less mortality and morbidity rates, it was incorporated in our Arthroplasty center and state chapter. I truly believe in hard work, perseverance, creative thinking.
I would sincerely thank Dr. P S Ganguly and Saraswati Online.Com for their guidance and helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor and will always cherish the memories I had in during my undergraduate years. Thank you."

Alumni Of Dali University, 2015 batch
Dr. Suhotra Chatterjee

"It’s a great honour for me to a part of Southern Medical University, Guangzhou; former First Military Medical University of China. I would like to thank for giving me this opportunity to study in such a prestigious University. Landing up in a different country with entirely different culture and language(Chinesebeing a tough language to learn), it is always tough to survive. But SOLCIL has made it much easier from organising orientation programmes in India, guiding through educational and official bureaucracies throughout 5 years in China, till graduation!SOLCIL has always come up with unique solutions whenever we were in official troubles. SMU was my second home for the entire 5 years, even today I get nostalgic remembering such a world class educational institution, our teaching building, huge library, hostel, friends, cherish every good moments we spent, such a beautiful college life altogether!Living in a different country helped me to gain huge experience both professionally and personally. I am honoured to be a part of this noble profession."

Alumni of Southern Medical University, MBBS-2013 Batch
Dr. Soujanya Konatala

"I have achieved my dream of becoming a doctor has all been made possible only because of the opportunity given by Southern Medical University , guidance of SOLC from the beginning to till date and constant support of my family. I can undoubtedly say that choosing SOLC and SMU was the best decision I ever made. SMU has given me extremely supportive environment not only academically but also in developing my personality and skills during the years of my medical education and made my journey very memorable. Along with the honourable MBBS Degree I have also earned great memories and friends for lifetime. Overall my experience with SOLC is very much satisfactory. I am so grateful for this life changing opportunity given by SMU and SOLC. I will cherish all the time spent in SMU."

Alumni of Southern Medical University, MBBS-2013 Batch