More and more Indians are rushing abroad for MBBS studies


No MBBS course fees are low. There’s always a cost to certain higher studies be it at home or abroad but there are options that can suit your pockets. So, doing an MBBS course abroad isn’t really cinch in terms of fees. What you would discover instead are courses in medicine that are affordable. If you choose to delve deeper into international fee structures, would find fees that you have to pay in a foreign medical college are decidedly way below what you usually spend for the same purpose in India. But before anything, we need to take a serious look at the current candidate:seat ratio in India. This will help you make up your mind as to whether you want to pursue an MBBS course in India or at a foreign destination of your choice or the ones advised by an education consultant.

In 2020, the number of Indian nationals wanting to pursue an MBBS degree was nearly 16 lakh, which far outstripped the 80,312 seats available in India. Needless to say, some will make it and many won’t. The primary reason behind this downcast scenario is not just lack of adequate seats but the cost of pursuing MBBS in India as well. In India, studying medicine at a private medical school can cost anywhere between a whopping Rs. 80 lakh to Rs. 1 crore, which can drive an MBBS aspirant into a state of despair. Call it fait accompli or off-limits, if you don’t have deep pockets, studying of MBBS in India can remain a dream. Now let’s compare what other countries vis-à-vis Indian fees have on offer.

The lowest fees for studying MBBS anywhere in the world is being offered by Kyrgyzstan. This might come to you as a surprise. The fees in this country, a Central Asian state, range from Rs. 11 lakh to a maximum of Rs. 27 lakh in Indian rupees, for a five-year course at the renowned Asian Medical Institute. This institute is approved by the Government of India. The low fees, however, do not reflect on the standard of MBBS education in Kyrgystan, which is as high as it can be.

In comparison, the fees in the Philippines and Ukraine are a little high but at Rs. 30-35 lakh, they are nowhere near the high fees of Indian medical schools. The Pacific, therefore, could be another favourable destination for you.

Even the neighbouring Bangladesh, which follows the same MBBS pattern as India’s, offers MBBS at a minimum Rs. 30 lakh and a maximum Rs. 40 lakh.

Equally affordable is Russia where the fees range from Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 35 lakh. However, the most costliest of all MBBS destinations abroad is Georgia where the minumin fees stand at Rs. 45 lakh and the maximum at Rs. 50 lakh. Still, they are way below the fees in India.

Even though the standard of MBBS education in India is world-class, as much it is at these overseas destinations, these low costs of studying MBBS in a foreign medical school are drawing more and more Indians abroad as they see these schools as a viable option for building a rewarding career in medicine. The question you may ask is: how good these foreign medical schools are?

Well, they are as good as any in the world, offering advanced facilities, modern teaching techniques and absolutely world-class faculty. On top of it, degrees from these medical schools are accepted across the world and most of them are listed with the Government of India. If you really want to go abroad for studying MBBS, get in touch with Saraswati Online.Com (, which is one of Asia’s top education facilitators.