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Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

 01/04/2020  China

Every student has to take a right step in his career after completion of his school. So, choosing the right career option is essential, that’s why one should carefully decide which degree is best for him for a successful future. when the student decides to study MBBS, he should consider few things before choosing MBBS to study.

  Whether he wants to study MBBS in his own country

  If he chooses MBBS abroad, if so, then which country in best to study MBBS.

When the students decide to study MBBS in a different country, then they should know that China is the best country to study MBBS. MBBS admission in China is a great destination for quality education at an affordable study cost.

China has worked hard to make itself a global destination for international MBBS admission. Chinese government has budget to set up world class infrastructure and quality education service for the students across the world who wish to pursue MBBS in China. There are number of benefits for which the students from all across the world wish to take MBBS admission in China.

Top medical universities for MBBS admission in China-

 Jinan University

 Southwest (Luzhou) Medical University

 Nanfang (Southern) Medical University

 Nanjing Medical University

 Shantou University Medical College

 Fujian Medical University

 Dali University

 Nanchang University

 Jilin University

 China Medical University

 Dalian Medical University

 Capital Medical University

 Tianjin Medical University

 Shandong Medical University

 Fudan University

 Xinjiang Medical University

 Nanjing Medical University

 Jiangsu University

Benefits of MBBS admission in China:

China as a country is one of the oldest civilisation of the world with rich culture and educational tradition. China is the country where students study modern medicine along with the traditional Chinese medicine. That’s why a number of students from all over the world take MBBS admission in China and the number of international students is increasing every year.


The medical colleges of China are mostly work as government undertaking. The international MBBS program in Chinese medical colleges/ universities are approved by enlisted with WHO (World Health Organization)’s Directory of World Medical Schools. The International MBBS degree is acceptable all over the world. Hence, the graduates can attend medical screening tests such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, NMC, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, etc.

Affordable Study Cost

As the medical colleges are Government, the MBBS admission in China is very affordable for international students. The total duration of MBBS in China is 6 years including 1-year internship, the total cost is around 20 lakhs, where in India the study cost of MBBS from a private medical college is approx. 60 Lakhs. This difference makes the students to take MBBS admission in the medical universities in China. The hostel fees, food and other expenses are very affordable for international students.


China as a country is very modern and updated with its time. Chinese government has put a lot of effort to make the country an attractive destination for MBBS admission in China, a global destination with world class infrastructure, modern technology and highly qualified and experienced faculties to teach the international students.

Internship opportunity:

MBBS admission in China gives an opportunity to do internship in China. The hospitals for internship have infrastructure with modern technology, improved machines and a clean environment. So, practicing internship in Chinese medical universities gives an opportunity for international students to learn, helps them to develop a communication skill with local Chinese patients so as hands on practice. The senior doctors are always available to support you in any problem.

Special Guidance:

Study MBBS in China gives another opportunity to prepare for FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduation Examination), which is mandatory for the international students to get registration in India. The medical colleges of China give special attention to the international students so that they can pass the FMGE at one attempt. As a result, the passing rate in FMGE is much higher than the international students coming from other countries like Ukraine or Kyrgyzstan.


For security purpose China is one of the safest country in the world. For international students China is the best option to study MBBS. Students roaming at 11pm in the city for food freely. China as a country has zero crime, MBBS admission in China would be the safest option for studying in a foreign country.

International Exposure:

While studying MBBS, the international students get introduced to the new world, a new community. The classroom consists of students from different parts of the world like Africa, USA, Nigeria. So, one Indian student gets exposure of the global world. from the western countries can feel the cultural difference but for the students from eastern part of the world specially the Asian countries have the opportunity to explore a similar but not identical culture which china has. MBBS in China gives a great opportunity to get a global exposure where the classmates attending the same anatomy class are coming from different countries. It makes a better understanding of other cultures and adapting the good for self-development of a student.

Cultural Exchange:

The primary language of the country is Chinese and the medium of instruction in MBBS course is English. But learning Chinese language is mandatory during the study course and one has to pass the language test to complete his graduation degree. If one thinks its barrier for MBBS admission in China for international students then they should know that the importance of Chinese language will help them during their internship in China where the patients are local Chinese and they don’t know English for proper communication. Learning Chinese gives better opportunity for better understanding and learning a new language is a benefit for international students.

Eligibility for MBBS admission In China

The international students who wish to study MBBS in China must clear the following eligible criteria

 The student must pass 10+2 or higher secondary of equivalent.

 Minimum aggregate must be 50% with a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

 The applicant must qualify NEET or equivalent in order to take MBBS admission in China.

 Minimum age shall be 17 years and maximum age shall be 26 years.

 The students must hold a non- china nationality and abide by the laws.

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