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 03/11/2021  Ukraine

What’s next after you crack NEET? Let’s give you a meaningful insight into what you could do to get an MBBS degree. There’s no doubt that students have tough choices to make while planning to build a career in medicine. Should it be done at home or abroad? It is in this context, we would like to tell you about a top foreign destination for pursuing medicine – and that’s Ukraine!

Ukraine, an East European country, is one of world’s most popular destinations for dong MBBS. One, because the medical programs it offers are world-class and recognized by all international apex bodies of medicine. Two, fees are lower than what you need to pay in several other countries, including India.

The state-of-art facilities and the newer opportunities Ukraine offers have turned it into a much coveted destination for foreign medical students. The student-teacher ratio is comparatively low, which brings students in close contact with the faculty. The classrooms are practicals-oriented, thereby intensifying the interests of the students in the subject.

But then, what happens after you complete your course and earn the coveted MBBS degree?

Straightaway, you become eligible for the FMGE test in India, which every medical student, who has obtained an MBBS degree from abroad or at home, has to pass to begin practice. If you already didn’t know, here’s some meaningful information for you: Graduates from the medical universities in Ukraine have a higher passing rate in the MCI test. Obviously, if you are wishing to study medicine abroad and build a sound career, Ukraine is your best choice.

The Ukrainian education system is known to boost one's MBBS career and future development.

Another clear-cut advantage is: with Ukrainian medical universities, you need not invest too much effort, cost and time in preparation for the medical entrance exams. In fact, to study medicine in Ukraine, you need not clear any entrance test at all.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Ukraine

1.Medical colleges in Ukraine are well-known across the world for their high-quality education. For Indian students, MBBS in Ukraine is the best choice.

2.Ukrainian medical colleges are recognized under WHO, IMED and ECFMG medical education directorates.

3.No separate donation is required for doing MBBS in Ukraine and the fees are very low when compared with other countries like the U.S.A and Russia.

4.MBBS in Ukraine follows the advanced European education system, creating numerous opportunities to make careers in English-speaking countries.

5.The medium of teaching in Ukraine is in English, and so there is no need for learning the native language.

6.Ukraine and India both have similar climates which makes it easier to adjust in the country while studying.

7.The cost of living in Ukraine is very affordable compared with other countries, and there is not that much difference between the value of the currencies of India and Ukraine.

Is studying MBBS in Ukraine a good option?

Studying MBBS abroad can be a life-changing decision. There are too many overseas destinations you can go to, but you need to choose the right country or the right medical university to stay off the clutter. If you want to study MBBS in a standard European education system, Ukraine is where you need to be.

What do you do when you can’t get a seat in government medical colleges or are not able to pay heavy tuition fees in renowned private medical colleges? You step out of the country and that’s when Ukraine becomes your must-reach destination, for it not only provides you an opportunity to explore a new country but also offers you the latest educational infrastructure at an affordable cost.

Ukraine has many leading Government Medical Colleges that offer different courses such as MBBS, MD, and other related courses. These Universities are recognized and approved by the MCI and other global organisations of repute. Thus, those who are graduating from medical colleges in Ukraine can practise as doctors of apply for jobs in the domain of medicine anywhere in the world.

Why MBBS in Ukraine is good for you

Admissions process - Many Universities in Ukraine offer direct admissions to Indian students. The students don't have to appear for the University entrance examination.

The candidate must be of 17 years of age before admission for the MBBS course and also should have obtained an aggregate of 50% in 12th examination in physics, chemistry, biology, and English.

Quality Education- The universities in Ukraine offer top-class education to students. They also offer opportunities to the students to participate in various programs such as conferences, seminars, and other similar projects.

Medical universities in Ukraine have well-equipped laboratories and libraries. Laboratories have modern technologies and the libraries offer a wide collection of books, which greatly facilitates the learning process.

The students get the best training during their 6-year Medical course from the Medical Universities in Ukraine. These universities offer basic medical programs, clinical programs as well as the real-life training programs at hospitals for the students to gain first-hand knowledge.

Language of instructions - The medium of teaching is English. As there are many international students studying MBBS in Ukraine, the universities are using English as their main language for teaching.

Budget - Most Medical Universities in Ukraine are Government Medical Colleges. So, college fees are comparatively low.

The tuition fees for MBBS in Ukraine can vary from 3500 USD to 5000 USD per year, which is affordable for the Indian students.

Accommodation - Medical Universities in Ukraine provide separate hostels for Indian Students. 24 x 7 security is available at hostels that are equipped with basic amenities like bed, wifi, kitchen

Career opportunity- Students doing MBBS in Ukraine or any relevant courses can apply for a job anywhere around the world after graduation. That’s because most universities in Ukraine are recognized by reputed global bodies such as WHO, WDOMS, ECFMG, etc.

As the Medical Universities in Ukraine accept no donation for admission, many Indian Medical aspired students over the years have moved to Ukraine to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors at an affordable cost.

If you really want to study MBBS, Ukraine is the best option for the next 6 years of your MBBS course. To know more about doing MBBS in Ukraine and the latest admission procedure, visit:

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