Find the right education facilitator, make wise choices


An education facilitator bridges the gap between how education is delivered and how it’s received, in the process making meaningful contributions to academic aspirations and shaping of careers. It is not always necessary for such a facilitator to be a pedagogy exponent but to be able to have a very clear and deep understanding of the domain of education is critical to the role it plays.

More often than not, education facilitators are seen as advisors who not just contribute to academic outcomes but also help influence and fortify education policies against inadvertent flaws.

An education consultant makes a meaningful difference in how education is delivered and received. Being a guiding force in improving career opportunities, education consultants shape the future of students across the globe.

It is in this domain of facilitation, Saraswati Online.Com India Ltd (SOLC) has forged ahead of its competition in the whole of Asia and in doing so, it has put itself on the international map of higher education in no uncertain manner.

Founded in 2000, reaches cutting-edge educational resources to students for studying medicine abroad. In partnership with leading medical universities in China, Ukraine, Georgia, the Philippines and Bangladesh, the organization facilitates Under Graduate studies abroad, leading to MBBS.

The organization has been shaping rewarding careers for 20 years across the world. Three thousand plus students from its ‘Study MBBS Abroad’ program have graduated and are practicing as successful doctors in India. Of these, more than 700 are from West Bengal alone who are engaged in rendering effective health care services in both public and private sectors.

Apart from this, 1500 students who have graduated are now practicing as doctors in different countries.

Currently, recruitment spans 26 countries.

SOLC is also responsible for placing qualified doctors as teachers and framing curricula so as to meet the requirements of the licensing exams of the home countries of students.

What keeps SOLC ahead of peers is its ability to understand the need of students, the call of the hour vis-à-vis careers and the end-to-end support it offers to career aspirants. Being adept at decision-making along with its competencies in finding the right solutions in the domain of higher education have made SOLC markedly different from the clutter.

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