If there’s a will, there’s an MBBS degree

 04/02/2022  China

Don’t lose heart if you can’t afford the steep MBBS fees in Indian medical colleges, government or private. There’s so much you can do to fulfil your MBBS dreams. That is, if you are looking to cross the geographical boundaries of India.

To help you make that choice, Saraswati Online.Com is just the right education consultant for you. It is the leading high-education facilitator in Asia, offering end-to-end support to those who wish to study MBBS abroad. It has already sent students from 26 countries to different foreign medical universities. Many of these students, especially Indians, are now successful doctors practicing medicine in different parts of the globe. The medical colleges partnering Saraswati Online.Com are well recognized by acclaimed international medical bodies like WHO and Faimer, which opens windows into successful careers as doctors.

Now, the main question is: which is the country that should be your MBBS destination and why?

Let’s first address the ‘why’. If you are looking to study MBBS in a foreign medical college, you need to consider the following before you can conclude what is right for you:

Are the fees as steep as India’s or lower?

How long is the course?

Is there an opportunity to undergo a clinical observership progam?

If so, does the college of your choice has its own hospital or an affiliated hospital?

What is the medium of teaching?

Is the climate suitable to you?

Is there accommodation available on the campus or in the vicinity at an affordable cost?

Does the university have acclaim and is recognized by the international bodies of medicine?

What is the FMGE success rate of those who graduated from these foreign medical colleges?

Answering all these question to your satisfaction are medical colleges in several countries. These are: China, Ukraine, Georgia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Kyrgyzstan. The medical universities in these countries or even the comprehensive ones that offer MBBS or its equivalent MD are all recognized by WHO and Faimer. This strengthens your career prospects.

The medical colleges in each of these countries have state-of-the-art facilities that makes learning convenient. Besides, most of these foreign colleges either have their own hospitals or affiliated hospitals where they place their MBBS students for internship.

Here’s some of the advantages of studying MBBS in these countries:

  • Low fees
  • Dynamic Culture
  • Great Infrastructure
  • International Recognition
  • High worldwide acceptance as practitioners of medicine
  • No Donation
  • International Exposure.
  • Availability of Indian food.
  • High education standards.
  • Any Indian student who has completed an MBBS degree from these countries can:

  • Practice medicine in India
  • Practice medicine in several other countries
  • Complete their post-graduation
  • Can practice in hospitals or have their own clinics and hospitals
  • Can work as medical officers in government projects
  • Can teach as professors at medical universities
  • Now you know what to do if you don’t make the cut in India in terms of funds.