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MBBS in China Is Best for You to Grow

 28/03/2020  China

Every parent wants to see their child to fulfil his/her dream, to achieve the success in life. Every parent wants to give quality education to their child for a better future. Studying medicine and becoming a doctor is many student’s dream. MBBS degree in India is one of the degree students look up to. Although due to increased competition for getting a medical seat in the country, many students are looking forward to other options of studying MBBS abroad. Here is why MBBS in China is your best bet to grow.

Lack of seats in India

There are around 50,000 MBBS seats available in India in Government colleges whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests every year. This means that every year, only 5% of the students who are aspiring to become a doctor will be able to achieve their goals. There are a total of 335 medical colleges in India out of which 181 are private institutions and 154 are government run institutes.

Most of the private institutes have a capitation fee ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs with a yearly fee of 4 to 5 lakhs. For any middle-class family, even if the student secures a seat through entrance tests, MBBS still remains a forbidden fruit due to astronomical fee structure of the private institutes. At the same time, nowadays parents also don’t hesitate to send their child to study abroad. MBBS in private colleges in India are very expensive and becomes unaffordable for the students and their families.

China as the preferred destination

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) has released data which states that since 2011, China has been the most-preferred destination for Indian students who wish to obtain a medical degree outside India. Bangladesh, Russia and Ukraine are other favourite options for students.

To study MBBS abroad, China is best country for international students who wish to study medicine in international universities. Many of the students study hard to join the best college or universities in their country but sometimes they don’t get seats in a government set up college due to rank or financial issues. But studying MBBS in China is a great opportunity when students don’t want to spend a lumpsum amount of money in a private college to become a doctor. Rather they opt for a renowned medical university in China to join international MBBS in China program. There are many reason to choose China as a country to study MBBS for the students who wish to study MBBS abroad. Not only students from Asian countries, but a number of students from USA, Africa and European countries are coming to China to study MBBS in China

While choosing a medical university for MBBS in china.

Affordable Course fees

Studying MBBS in China is very affordable in terms of cost. Where in India, cost of studying MBBS in a private medical college is around 60 lakhs whereas in the medical colleges in China, the cost of MBBS is around 20 lakhs which makes a huge difference in terms of money. With the help of various initiatives like Project 211, China as a country is trying hard to make the international MBBS in China program world-class. Students get International scholarships from the medical colleges which is partially funded or fully funded scholarships. This helps the meritorious students to get quality education at an affordable study cost. A number of medical colleges offers best facilities for the international students to make China world-class and more attractive study abroad destination among the students across the world. That is why number of students interested to study MBBS in China is increasing every year. China is working continuously to give its medical education sector to become the top model all over the world.

Every country has its political and socio – economic system so as China but the country is so developed and maintained to keep its education sector far away from the political and socio- economic sector so that it can’t harm the education sector at all. Where in India nowadays, parents think twice before sending the students to the well-known universities as the education system is totally involved in politics and boycott, riot, attack are regular incidents in universities.

China as a destination

China is a great country to explore. Though the students come mostly from the developing countries all around the world where the students from the western countries can feel the cultural difference but for the students from eastern part of the world specially the Asian countries have the opportunity to explore a similar but not identical culture which china has. Studying MBBS in China gives a great opportunity to get a global exposure where the classmates attending the same classes are coming from different countries. It makes a better understanding of other cultures and adapting the good for self-development of a student.

Language in China

If one thinks of any barrier, then it is the language that can be little problem for the non-Chinese speaking students. Also, to study MBBS in china, learning Chinese as a language during the study course is mandatory now. But if the students use the opportunity of learning a new foreign language, then it will not feel as a barrier. Rather the students can use the learning experience as a cultural exchange among themselves. After completion of MBBS in China, the students can get a bi-lingual MBBS degree from the medical colleges of China.

Clearing FMGE

Studying MBBS in China gives another opportunity to prepare for FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduation Examination), which is mandatory for the international students to get registration in India. The medical colleges of China give special attention to the international students so that they can pass the FMGE at one attempt. As a result, the passing rate in FMGE is much higher than the international students coming from many other countries.

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