MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is a good idea

 24/07/2020  Ukraine

Every year, hundreds of Indian students aspiring to be doctors seek education in medicine abroad. Their coveted degree is decidedly MBBS. A primary reason why this rush for foreign destinations is that the competition in India is too intense for comfort and the course fees are out of reach for many. Obviously, when another country offers similar medical education at fees considerably lower than India’s, students turn to build dreams offshore. It is in this context, East European nation Ukraine has positioned itself as a haven for not just Indian students, but for their peers from across the globe as well.

But one must know the country before lining up to check in at the airport.

Ukraine, a state in unhindered progress

We all know that Ukraine once belonged to the former Soviet Union and became an independent Eastern European state in 1991 after the Soviet dissolution. Bordered by Russia to the north-east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west; and Romania, Moldova and the Black Sea to the south, Ukraine is an emerging free market economy. The landscape of Ukraine is made up of fertile plains, plateaus, rivers. The country comprises diverse geographical conditions from highlands to lowlands. The most famous rivers of Ukraine include: Dnieper, Dniester, Southern Buh, and Siver sky Donets. The longest river is Dnieper; the longest tributary is the Dnieper’s tributary Desna.

The Climate

Ukraine’s climate keeps turning with seasons. It receives hot and humid air coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. The average annual temperatures range between 5.5–7 °C in the north, and 11–13 °C in the south. Generally, Ukraine enjoys rainfall in spring in the inland areas. The annual precipitation is about 400-600 mm.


Ukrainian culture is heavily influenced by Eastern Orthodox Church. The country is traditional in daily life, like anywhere else in the world, though it has inherited strains of western European cultures in the post-Soviet era. The people celebrate Maslenita week, a very popular custom celebrated to welcome spring. The Easter is also celebrated in Ukraine with great fervour, which is when the people prepare Krashenki, or the multi-coloured boiled eggs as well as Pysanka, the painted egg.


The official and native language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. The second native language is Russian. 29.6% of the Ukraine’s population speaks Russian. English is also widely spoken here although it being a secondary language. Other languages in Ukraine are German, Romanian, Crimean, Greek, Hungarian, Serbian and many more.

Eat borsch and you’re an Ukranian

The Ukrainian cuisine is a collection of different cooking traditions. The food of Ukraine comes from different parts of the country, with wheat and grains being part of the staple diet. Most of the Ukrainian cuisines are based on grains and vegetables like potato, beetroots, cabbage, mushrooms etc. The national dish of Ukraine is borsch which has at least 30 varieties and may include meat or fish. Plus, Ukrainian dishes have various types of salads, soups, deserts, alcohol etc.

Perks of studying MBBS in Ukraine

The nature of education and its framework in Ukraine medical Universities is generally excellent. Quality education is provided in all the Universities or Colleges in Ukraine, and it’s -ow budget too. So, MBBS in Ukraine is a good option.

  • The administration and the government are always around help the colleges settle research and budgetary issues in terms of training students. So, there is no dearth of funds.
  • Besides, the course fees for MBBS is very much affordable and so is the cost of living.
  • One remarkable benefit is that, no donation or Capitation fee is required to be paid for gaining admission into a medical college in Ukraine. These colleges ensure that students stay fit and healthy though extracurricular activities like gym exercises and sports. Some of Ukraine’s globally renowned athletes have been produced by its colleges.
  • Another reason why Ukranian medical schools are a popular destination for students across the world is that they open newer vistas for career-aspirants by inspiring them to participate in different courses and worldwide conferences.
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