Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

 24/03/2020  China

In this day and age, China and India have a very distinct position in the world. Both are countries with a large population. China and India are in fact the largest and second largest in the world respectively in terms of population. Both have a very rich and ancient history an enriched culture which has in many effective ways influenced the entire planet in a very a positive manner.

In the past two decades, China and India have opened its doors to foreign students who are coming in, staying in the country and pursuing higher education there. According to The Economic Times, At present over 23,000 Indian students are studying different courses in Chinese universities.

In fact, China has now become the third most favoured nation of international students after the US and UK. It has also paced up as a host destination and is an important choice for Indians leaving the shores for education.

For students who aspire to study MBBS abroad, MBBS in China is becoming a very preferred destination as well. The common qualifying tests in India for studying MBBS are very tough and with the huge number of students and scarcity of universities, it is very hard for students to crack the exam and get into good government colleges. Students who cannot crack the exam either enrol in private colleges or opt for MBBS abroad. Students who cannot afford the exorbitant fee structures of private colleges resort to other countries like China. They study MBBS in China. Among the other destinations MBBS in China is the most preferred for the affordable rates. MBBS in China gives a positive outlook. The students who complete their MBBS in China are then approved by theNational Medical Commission as they have to appear for an NMC test which has to be cleared before starting practice in India.

Top MBBS Universities in China are:

 Jinan University

 Southwest(Luzhou) Medical University

 Nanfang(Southern) Medical University

 Nanjing Medical University

 Shantou University Medical College

 Fujian Medical University

 Dali University

 Nanchang University

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