Studying medicine abroad can open newer career doors


It goes without saying that pursuing careers in medicine and engineering tops the list of students in India these days. As for engineering, a student is spoilt for choices because of the clutter of institutions offering this discipline. But the story is vastly different when it comes to studying MBBS. That’s because, in stark contrast to engineering, the number of medical colleges in India hasn’t increased and even the seats have remained almost the same. This is definitely a problem area as the number of students wishing to pursue medicine far outstrips the number of medical colleges. Not just this, from among the millions of students who want to become doctors, only a minuscule part makes the cut for a variety of reasons ranging from vacant seats to high study fees.

So, what do you do? You look elsewhere for studying medicine, in countries like Ukraine, Georgia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, China and Russia.

India has a shortfall of doctors as the doctor-patient ratio is far from being satisfactory. On top of it, the demand for doctors is increasing by the day but the supply line is thin. To study MBBS or MD abroad, all you have to do is to get in touch with Saraswati Online.Com (, one of the world’s top education consultants and facilitators. But before anything, you need to make up your mind – whether you want to join the serpentine queue for studying medicine in India or gain easy access to a medical college abroad as an international student. They don’t reject aspirants. Rather, their policy is to empower and enrich the global students’ community with cutting-edge knowledge in medicine so that one day they serve societies in the best way possible.

The medical colleges in the countries mentioned above are easy to access and so, your fear of rejection, as it might be in India, does not gain currency. These colleges have facilities as advanced as they can be and at times, unique.

There are many brilliant young minds that do not make it to the MBBS stage because of pecuniary reasons, of which the high capitation fees in India are a stumbling block. Not everybody can meet those expenses. This is where the foreign medical schools come to your aid.

They don’t have a capitation fee. So, one pressure is off your chest. This is a great opportunity for you to look at pursuing an MBBS or an MD degree abroad. If you really care to scout what these foreign medical universities offer, you’d be pleasantly surprised. All along, you had thought that foreign medical schools are an expensive affair. To the contrary, as you would find, the fees are much less than what one pays in India. The low fees, however, does not mean these medical schools are compromising on the quality of education. As a matter of fact, it is world-class, with degrees accepted anywhere across the globe.

Another advantage is, you can get scholarships at these medical schools which are decidedly rewarding overseas destinations for international students, of whom a large part are Indians.

Above all, as an international student, you would be part of cross-cultural activities and make international contacts that you had never imagined. And then, being abroad opens newer career doors abroad.

Take the case of Georgia. It used to be a part of the former Soviet Union. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, it is an independent country in East Europe. And, being in that region on the international map, Georgia is a gateway to other European countries and to those lying farther West. Obviously, you are presented with opportunities to build a career in medicine overseas, which might not have been possible in India.

Your profile would gain so much sheen. Think about it.