MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines offers a jar of cookies to foreign medical students

 17/10/2020  Philippines

Taking a cue from Bob Dylan, there’s one road fewer, that is, if you wish to pursue MD/MBBS in the Philippines. In a remarkable move towards fast-tracking medical education, the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) has waived the otherwise mandatory NMAT entrance test for this year.

If you’re already jumping in joy, please wait. There are more cookies in the jar being sent your way by CHED.

To start with, students don’t need to appear for NEET for admission into a medical college in the Philippines this year but they have to clear it in the coming year. So, if you had physics, chemistry and biology in your 10+2, get in touch with leading medical education facilitator Saraswati Online.Com (SOLC) to fly you to the Philippines.

There’s more. The University of Perpetual Help Rizal Jonelta (UPHR), a top comprehensive university in this Pacific-ocean nation, will also take in medical students who are already graduates in some stream or the other but had physics, chemistry and biology in their 10+2. UPHR has other departments but medicine is a popular one among them.

Come to think of it, you have been grinding it out so far for a career after graduating with a different stream of subjects but here’s a tailor-made scenario for you to become a doctor and reverse your fortunes. There’s no age limit, and a career change is possible.

Unlike in many other countries, medical classes are not segregated for locals and foreign students in the Philippines. No matter where you are from, you would share classes with Filipino students.

Another plus is, you don’t have to learn the local Tagalog or any other Filipino dialect to be taught or to communicate. English is the medium of teaching and widely spoken across the Philippines.