Think Bangladesh when you think MBBS abroad

 07/02/2022  Bangladesh

One of the world’s fastest growing market economies and the second largest in the Indian sub-continent, Bangladesh is now a leading hub of learning in South Asia. This immediate neighbour of India has come a long way since gaining independence in 1971. Over the years, Bangladesh has positioned itself as a choice destination of many international students who wish to obtain an MBBS degree from a foreign medical university. Bangladesh has a competent educational infrastructure to help you achieve this goal.

For international MBBS students, Bangladesh offers several advantages for MBBS studies, like each country does. What really is a matter of great relief to Indian students is the use of English as a medium of teaching, and a cuisine and a climate similar to India’s. Besides, it’s just across the border, with connecting flights from most Indian cities. Bangladesh can be reached by road as well from many areas in the state of West Bengal.

Before anything, one needs to remember that the fees in private of state-run Bangladeshi medical colleges are not as steep as India’s. Let’s take a look why you should do you MBBS from Bangladesh.

  • MBBS universities in Bangladesh are WHO-recognised
  • The MBBS degree provided by medical universities in Bangladesh is globally accepted.
  • Most importantly, the MBBS course in Bangladesh follows the Indian syllabus
  • Indian medical books are often referred to during the full 5 years of the MBBS program
  • Indian students who gain an MBBS degree from Bangladesh easily crack the FMGE back home.
  • Bangladesh has a climate similar to tropical India
  • The Bangladeshi and Indian cuisines are almost the same and they are readily available on campuses.
  • English is the medium of teaching for the international students.
  • The people of India and Bangladesh are usually afflicted by the same kinds of ailments and so, there is no ‘shock’ element in the Bangladeshi health sector.
  • All medical colleges in Bangladesh provide internship with hospitals they are affiliated with. This has proven to be of great advantage to Indian students in particular as they deal with ailments similar to the ones occurring in India.
  • Since Bangladesh follows the Indian curriculum, the percentage of those passing MBBS in that country is higher than that in any other country.

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