Try the Philippines for MBBS – a rewarding destination

 30/03/2022  MBBS

These days, an increasing number of MBBS students are choosing overseas destinations for studying medicine. True, doing MBBS is a tall order, be it in India or abroad. But what influences decision-making is the relatively low MBBS fees in foreign medical universities. There are many. And so, it’s important to choose the right university, one that not only offers a well-crafted and universally accepted MBBS program but also offers ease of living. Taking care of both these aspects of studying are the medical universities in the Philippines.

Located in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines is a picture-postcard destination. This clutch of islands enjoys a 94% literacy rate. English is the most commonly used language here and it is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world – the reason being protestant denominations arrived in the Philippines in 1898, after the United States took control of the Philippines from Spain, first with United States Army chaplains and then within months, civilian missionaries. Protestants makes up nearly 11% of the Filipino population. Besides, it was for long a strategic Pacific base for the American military, especially during the Second World War. The culture, the language and even the food to date have an American influence. This is of great advantage to Indian students. As an Indian, you can easily communicate with local students and be comfortable.

The Philippines is a gateway to the USA

The medical degree offered by the country is equivalent to those of the USA government and India. So, if you obtain an MBBS degree from a recognized medical university in the Philippines, you can land a dream job in medicine anywhere in the world. But, as you know, in spite of obtaining an MBBS degree from abroad or from an Indian medical university, all Indian MBBS aspirants have to appear for NEXT – a test that needs to be passed for practicing in India.

The 3rd largest English-Speaking Country

Almost everyone in the country speaks and understands English. As an Indian, you will not face any difficulty in communicating with the locals. In the Philippines, you will get all the study material in English and the entire course will be in English as well. It is the language of commerce and law, as well as the primary medium of instruction in education. Proficiency in the language is also one of the country's strengths that has helped drive the economy and even made the Philippines the top voice-outsourcing destination in the world, surpassing India in 2012.

The climate is suitable for Indians

The country has a tropical climate, which suits Indians very well. Like in India, you are going to enjoy both the dry and rainy seasons in the Philippines. The climate will always be comfortable for Indians.

Food of your taste

As mentioned already, it is a tropical country and so, fruits and vegetables that grow in India also grow in the Philippines. Apart from these, you will get readymade Indian foods too. There are several Indian restaurants and cafes which will never let you miss your country’s food. In fact, if you follow the travel blogs, you would know that even Biriyani and Dosas are available in the Philippines. So, one of your main concerns, food, is taken care of.

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