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Affiliation Medium of Instruction ELIGIBILITY COURSES OFFERED
Kunming University is affiliated and administered by the Provincial Government of Yunnan, P.R.China.
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The medium of instruction is English. Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended. Students who have completed secondary education, aged 18-45, in good health and willing to abide by the laws and decrees of China and the regulations of Kunming university. Bachelor of Hotel Management
Bachelor of Business Management
Diploma in Culinary Sciences
Spacious and comfortable twin sharing dormitories provided with modern amenities and attached baths. Separate dormitories for boys & girls with adequate security. Hygienically prepared nutritious food available. Although Chinese cuisine predominates in the canteen, it is possible to get cuisines from other countries. Kunming is cool & breezy all year round. Flowers grow in abundance and it is a much sought after destination for foreign tourists.

Summer – 20°C Average
Winter – 8°C Average

Wuhua Qu, Kunming Shi, Yunnan Sheng, P R China, 650031.
Located in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, Southwestern China.
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About Kunming University

Kunming University is Yunnan’s only comprehensive professional university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Kunming University was established in 1984 and is growing in popularity among foreign students who wish to study abroad.

Kunming University (KMU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. The University offers Degree in BBM, BHM (4 years) and Diploma in Culinary Sciences (19 weeks).

Kunming University has 3 campuses with a total area of 499 mus. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 40,560,000 Yuan. The university library collection stands out among the school’s resources, containing more the 462,000 volumes. In addition, Kunming University has founded three training and experiment bases along with over 30 first-class laboratories, including the simulated tour guide laboratory, the security investment laboratory and the numerical control technology laboratory.

Kunming University provides comfortable accommodation for international students with all modern amenities. Hygienically cooked healthy food is available within the campus.

Admission & Eligibility


Bachelor of Hotel Management, Bachelor of Business Management, Diploma in Culinary Science


English Medium


4 years Bachelor’s Degree Programs


Students who have completed secondary education, aged 18-45, are in good health and are willing to abide by the laws and decrees of China and the regulations of the university.

Graduated in/after 2015

Total GPA ≥ 7 (GPA of middle school + GPA of high school)

Fees Structure

Estimate of Expenses for 2021 Batch For International MBBS Program Kunming University, P R China

Successful Doctors

SL Name State Country Batch
1 Vivek Yadav Uttar Pradesh India 2012

Enrolled Students

SL Name City, State Nationality
1 Vivek Yadav Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India
2 Saad Khan Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh India
3 Akash Chatterjee Howrah, West Bengal India
4 Ashra Fun Nahar Kustia, Bangladesh Bangladesh
5 Md Mohidul Islam Kustia, Bangladesh Bangladesh
6 Md Miftahul Mithu Rajshahi, Bangladesh Bangladesh
7 Abdullah Al Baki Rajbari, Bangladesh Bangladesh
8 Ananna Anamika Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
9 Sourov Dey Lakshmipur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
10 Jasia Jannat Jolly Kustia, Bangladesh Bangladesh
11 Aniket Akther Munal Pirojpur, Bangladesh Bangladesh
SL Name City, State Nationality
1 Kazi Rakib Hasan Dhaka Bangladesh
2 Md Abu Bakar Siddique Al-Amin Dhaka Bangladesh
3 Shafat Mahmud Khan Dhaka Bangladesh
4 Md Shahazada Khan Dhaka Bangladesh
5 Kazi Sazzad Hosain Dhaka Bangladesh
6 Siddikur Rahman Dhaka Bangladesh
7 MD Moyaje Uddin Dhaka Bangladesh
8 Al Musavvir Ibne Faisal Mymensingh Bangladesh
9 S M Sadikur Rahman Dhaka Bangladesh
10 Mohammad Jihad Hossain Dhaka Bangladesh
11 Tajmim Bashar Oyshe Mymensingh, Dhaka Bangladesh


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